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Ramblings on Boston College & conference affiliation

Ramblings on Boston College & conference affiliation

A one-man show on the present and future of UConn football.

In the style of the Michigan Manifesto Man, I hopped onto my phone and recorded a solo podcast laying out a vision for UConn football’s future.

But first, UConn plays Boston College at noon on Saturday, in one of the last meaningful games of this season. The Huskies have a chance to beat BC for the second time ever and the second time in a row. But the RBs are a little depleted and the passing attack may not be ready to carry the team.

Meanwhile, the Eagles are coming off a three-game winning streak and are no doubt eager to exact revenge as they host their homecoming game as double-digit favorites.

Additionally, Jim Mora’s defense will have to contend with Thomas Castellanos, a UCF transfer and dual-threat who has asserted himself as the guy under center for the Eagles.

As mentioned in our matchup preview, he’s got the most rushing yards for a QB in the country and two good running backs who will try to get it done on the ground in Kye Robichaux, who just rushed for 165 yards at Georgia Tech last week, and Patrick Garwo, who rushed for over 1,000 yards in 2021 and is returning from an injury this week.

My ramblings conclude with a call for UConn to consider the Sun Belt for football-only membership.

In light of some of Mora’s recent comments on UConn’s conference situation, the athletic department leadership may have to consider the value of a backup option after previously setting its sights on a Power 5 invite.

If not the Sun Belt, which I do honestly think would be a good (temporary) home, UConn has to look into all of its options, because a variety of outside factors are making joining a conference more attractive.

Sorry for rambling, we couldn’t wrangle up the whole podcast crew but figured I’d do something with the conference commentary and pre-game thoughts. Enjoy!

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