Mora: "Our offense has not been anywhere close to what it needs to be"

UConn's head coach identifies offensive woes and the effect they're having on the team.

Photo Credit: Ian Bethune

After the FIU game, UConn head coach Jim Mora offered some frank words about the performance of the offense. He stated that through three games, it simply has not done well enough.

The stats bear this out as well. UConn is ranked 132nd in the nation (out of 133) in the F+ offensive efficiency rankings. In case that’s too fancy for you, on a per-game basis UConn is 126th in the country in scoring, tied for 102nd in first downs, 117th in yards gained, and tied for 116th in yards per play.

On Saturday, Mora noted that they’ve scored six touchdowns and attempted two field goals through three games.

“In today’s world of college football, that’s abysmal,” he said. “We weren’t even close to good enough,” he later added.

To his credit, Mora is not pointing fingers, at least not publicly.

“That’s on me, I’m the head coach,” he said. “We’re going to evaluate every single player, and every single play and every single call and every single practice rep, and every single defense we put our scout team in, and we’re gonna get it figured out.”

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Aman Kidwai